It is pretty well obvious and observable how the advent of smartphones has revolutionized technology in just a decade. Now we see thousands of companies around the globe brainstorming on innovative ideas features and tech to make a product for its customers as smart as anyone could ever imagine.

An app store is a form of a digital distribution platform for applications. This market is increasing rapidly and the number of mobile app downloads continues to grow. App stores have billions of apps for almost anything. App stores are the best way to add high-end functionalities to the users

Looking at the user preference usage and market share we have listed down the best app stores around the world in 2021.

Google Play store

It was started in 2008. Google Play has a total number of 2.89 million apps in 2021. Most of these apps are free but some are paid too. Their interface of the store is quite a friendly offer short and precise reviews. Their apps are off the bat compatible with any android device. 

Apple App store

Apple app store is the pioneer in the mobile app store industry. It is one of the biggest distribution channels of apps in the consumer market. It currently has 2.2 million apps on its platform. It exclusively offers apps to only IOS devices.

Amazon App Store

Amazon has introduced its AppStore which is growing at an impressive rate. Amazon play store has 460,619 apps on its platform. It’s pretty good growth in just the initial years. The Amazon Appstore is not only for the Kindle Fire apps, it is also available for any devices running Android OS 1.6 and higher.

Tencent’s MyApp

When the Chinese government banned Google Play, the Android market expanded into a highly distributed market, with over 300 app stores. One of the pioneers who has taken lead among them is Tencent’s MyApp. Tencent’s MyApp has about 26% of the market app share in China. Since their target audience is limited so they usually earn from advertisements and very little revenue is generated by the app monetization.

360 Market

Another cutting edge app store in China is 360 Market is that it has over 60,000 apk app files and around 700 million mobile and desktop users in total. It covers 15 % of the Chinese app market share. It has a development program that is one of the best translated, this store attracts attention more with its MD5 detection checks that offer anti-piracy protection features.

Huawei App Store

In China, recognizing the different needs and expectations of the market, Huawei introduced its AppGallery. App gallery has convinced its Chinese customers through its proficiency and now continues to perform functions outside China too. Huawei AppGallery has cooperated features of forum-based social platforms, particularly for the games. Features and functions like these have impressed the target customers greatly. Huawei AppGallery retains 10.2% of the Chinese app market share.

Xiomi Mi store

The Xiaomi App Store is one of the main mobile application stores in China. The app store is preinstalled on all Xiaomi smartphones sold in China and has over 200 million monthly active users making its app store the most used around the country. Xiaomi Mi store has 11% of the app market share in the Chinese App market. 

Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung galaxy app store is especially for the Samsung devices giving it apps at their best. These apps add matchless functionality to the new Samsung features making them a strong bond of tech at its best. Some developers have built their own version of galaxy apps for the Galaxy line of phones. This store is not limited to providing apps to Samsung only it caters to apps for Android, Windows Mobile, Tizen, and Bada platforms.

Bemobi Mobile store

Bemobi is a mobile and entertainment company. Bemobi is a part of Otello Group and is mushrooming at the fast track around the world. Its App Club has 500 million mobile subscribers and is fairly opening the potential of Mobile applications and their monetization in the emerging and developing app markets.


AppBrain is an emerging Android market browser store. Their App store has profoundly 35 Android Applications offering striking functionalities. Their interface is the prime feature that displays apps via search categories ranks and sections such as all-time popular, top apps, eventually helping the users to find apps more easily.