Pakistan is one of the countries where buying and selling of property are mostly happening through realtor websites. These professional websites replenish the void which was built when customers were disappointed in conventional channels.

Buyers have become tech-savvy and they want the comfort of sitting at home and making purchase deals through a smartphone. So, having an online presence in this business is crucial. Pakistan has some pioneer real estate portals which are equipped with the best resources to provide you properties you set your heart on.

These are the few preeminent real estate portals that are in the limelight in this real estate business of Pakistan. is an emerging chapter in the business of real estate, which is racing faster on the tracks of realtors. They are dominating the market with their exquisite locations and impeccable information about the properties.

Their ready-to-help attitude towards the buyer puts him in a situation where he can totally rely on this portal. The fine points of each property are put in so detail that it appears that the buyer is himself seeing the property. Their web app has an innovative and user-friendly interface which is a no sweat for anyone who has used it for the first time. is the widely used real estate portal in Pakistan. They are tried and true examples of virtual real estate agencies. The ease they offer to customers is in form of its accessibility at all times.

Their mobile app and website as a user-friendly interface providing filters to find the best match for your desired location and property. This company is trusted by millions of Pakistanis and it has gained a top position in the real estate business. Zameen is also among the list of largest real estate web portals in the world. is another leading-edge company catering to the virtual real estate needs of its buyers in the most profitable way. with its proficient team works up to provide its buyers outstanding properties as per their demands all over Pakistan.

Buyers and sellers both have access to this portal for free and get impeccable services in real estate. The way it has evolved and remodeled the real estate business is inexpressible. They are ubiquitously growing and you can find them in every corner of this country. is yet another cutting-edge real estate portal in Pakistan that is shining bright in the online real estate business. It is aimed to provide quality residential and commercial plots all around the country. is a trendsetter portal with its innovative features and collaborative team that relaxes the buyer and seller to put their assurance and expectations on them. The certitudes of team are matchless.

Their detailed descriptions about the house’s commercial plots and new developing projects in Pakistan can easily be seen from their site visits and extensive use of their mobile application. They are one of the companies that are revolutionizing the real estate industry at a fast pace in Pakistan.

An online marketplace for realtors with a head office in Karachi offers a lot of services including a listing of real estate developers, agents, and agencies for the sale, purchase, and rent of residential and commercial properties.

JagahOnline also offers listing services to multiple people who are involved in the construction and rehabilitation of commercial and residential properties like plumbers, electricians, labor, etc.