Today the world has become a digital community and the menace of video sharing and blogging has soared into fame all across the globe. It has clenched every social platform. The entire surge has been bestowed by the websites which solely serve as a video sharing and blogging podium. People nowadays are hooked to these websites to see creative and popular content.

The videos and blogs shared on these websites are not just popular but also play a crucial role in educating a large number of people around the world. It has given new meaning to the entertainment industry. Now people subscribe to the channels on these websites and can watch their desired content with the best graphics and quality content on their mobile devices.

These websites grant benefits to people who upload their content on these platforms like monetization and recognition all around the world. These websites have videos with the fastest streaming and can upload up to 4k content that viewers can access and enjoy at any time. A wave in video creating segment is blogging, video bloggers now have become celebrities, and by giving daily life vlogs or vlogs on their specialized skilled content they have made a large following of people all around the world. 


YouTube is the most popular and recognized video sharing and blogging platform. Millions of people around the world use YouTube for watching and sharing videos. YouTube offers a variety of benefits to its users but it has a very strict privacy policy. This policy has its pros as it saves your content from being copied or pirated by other content creators and secures the copyrights of your content.

YouTube allows its users to create a channel and upload the content through that channel. These channels enable you to build a following and gain fame from it. YouTube is a promising business and one can capitalize on its giant profit-generating potential.

YouTube is the world’s most popular search engine and the biggest social media website with 1.9 billion active users. YouTube also offers Partner Programs in which content creators can participate to earn from their videos. Partners program provides perks like analytics, longer video sharing, and tools for editing videos. 


TikTok is a free app available on Apple and Android devices. It is a social media app that allows users to share short videos of themselves with others on the app. Videos can be up to 15 seconds long and can be shared with followers or in groups.

TikTok is popular with teenagers and young adults, who use the app to explore their creative side. Users are allowed to lip-sync to songs, dance, tell jokes, and put on skits for others to watch. The videos that are most popular have millions of views.

TikTok is very similar to another social media app, Both sites allow users to create short videos with special effects and filters. Viewers can also comment on the videos or send out requests for their favorite singers to sing a song for them.

However, TikTok is more popular than, because it has more users and allows viewers to post their own videos as well as watch others’. Furthermore, it organizes content by categories, including trending topics and music, which makes it easier to find the types of videos you’re interested in.

TikTok is a fun app that allows users to express themselves in creative ways. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to share short videos with friends or followers. If you’re looking for an app that is full of funny, entertaining videos, then TikTok is the app for you.


Vimeo is another famous and fast-growing video hosting/ streaming site for bloggers, marketers, and businesses. It offers limited space for uploading videos for free but if you want to go for a longer video sharing capacity with an ad-free interface then they have different packages for it.

The three types of accounts that Vimeo offers to its users are Basic Account with a weekly space of 500Mb, Vimeo Plus 5GB, and Vimeo Pro that offers 20GB space weekly. Vimeo Basic is a free account with fewer benefits but if you are a professional video content creator the most suitable account for you would be Vimeo Pro that offers bigger space and video editing tools.

This account also enables professional video editors to add watermark to MP4 using Freemake Video Converter. The premium members have privileges like selling and renting Vimeo videos and can earn money from it.


Dailymotion is one the best video sharing and blogging websites that users can use to search, watch and upload videos of their choice. The video search bar searches the videos by tags, channels, and categories. It is a French-based website that hosts videos from entertainment to serious news issues. Dailymotion is a free video-sharing platform that is as famous and has as many viewers as YouTube.

Dailymotion puts some limit on the uploaded video content snd allows only 2GB and a 60-minute maximum video to be uploaded but if some users want to upload bigger files then they have to compress the video.

The video quality provided to the users is 1280*720. The account packages it offers are Free Partner Account that a user can use to avail features like infinite storage and unlimited bandwidth, more secure privacy settings, and much more. With a Partner account, users enjoy the monetization of videos and can earn from them.

Dailymotion also gives you features to upload a number of videos in a single day even the whole playlist can be uploaded with its drag and drop feature. The most-watched and uploaded content on daily motion is marketing and business featured videos.


With a hundred million monthly viewership Twitch is staging itself as one the best video site for gamers. The gamers here give reviews on new video games while playing it either live and talking about the game’s specification and what’s new it or they can make a video and send it to archives where the users can later watch it.

Gaming as we all know is the fastest-growing entertainment industry immersed with new technology and gadgets that gravitate the gaming enthusiasts to learn and play these games for hours and longer.

Twitch hosts new gaming videos in MP4 format only and players share the cheat codes and best ways to play these games to master them. Twitch also allows its users to be a part of an online gaming community where they can broadcast or save their gameplay videos and chat with other gamers. Twitch offers two accounts to its users for sharing videos Free and Turbo.

With a Free account, users can upload videos with a stay time of only 14 days but with a Turbo account, the users can enjoy an ad-free interface and extended features in gaming community chats like new badges chat colors, and best of all a lot of extra video uploading storage. A Turbo account comes with a fee of $8.99 per month. 


Metacafe is a video-sharing website where users can share all types of short videos. The videos mostly uploaded on this podium are very entertaining and funny. They have a wide category of videos on their websites like sports, games, TV, music, and movies. Most of the funny videos that are shared on other video host platforms have their origin at Metacafe.

It offers a free account to its users and through your account, you can upload the videos of your choice. If your content becomes popular among viewers and your video gain 20,000 views then Metacafe will pay you $5 for every 1000 views. That’s how you can earn without paying any privileged account fee by just making entertaining enough video content that can get 20,000 or more views.


Liveleak is a video host where users can share videos that have some factual background or are newsworthy. It is a UK-based website where you can watch videos mostly related to the world politics war and other foreign affairs events.

Liveleak allows users to have a free account and has a strict website policy under which users can not upload violent content, illegal videos, pirated videos, or music videos that they do not own rights to. The users can browse videos through the channels tab and categories under the home tab. The forum feature allows the users to initiate discussion on the website forum about the shared informational and political content.


Veoh is a video hosting platform and an internet television website that allows users to upload independent and studio-produced content and content made by the user themselves. Veoh offers a free account to all its users with extensive features.

Users can upload as many videos as they want with no length limit and of any video extension format. Veoh offers channels groups and forums where users can discuss the videos. It also allows users to like, comment, and rate the viewed videos. Veoh holds an extensive community to be a part of and holds up to million viewers a month.


Break is a leading website where you can find entertaining and funny video content and pictures. Users can upload videos from a free account. Break provides three ways to upload videos on this stage via email, cell phone, or right from the website.

Users are offered to upload videos in a few formats that are supported by this site and the videos should not exceed 60MB limit. In addition to uploading various formats holding videos, users can upload images in JPEG, PNG, and BMP formats.


Vidmax is a video sharing and blogging site where you can see videos of different categories and upload them for free. Vidmax offers users to like and comment on the videos and upload videos for up to several minutes. Vidmax offers 20 different categories and topics from which users can watch videos. It restricts the violent and illegal content.

Pictures can also be uploaded on this platform in the section of galleries. Bloggers also take part in this video-sharing website and use it for uploading daily blogging content. It gives features like embedding the video on your blog on other websites and allows users to like and share these videos on different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Oculu is a robust video streaming platform that enables users, marketers, and business owners to share their video content. It is basically a video technology solution that serves millions of businesses globally. The privileges Oculu enjoys over YouTube like free streaming platforms that the impression businesses get on Oculu is more intense and impressive in contrast to the free streaming sites.

Those sites are meant to be for every type of media content but Oculu simply holds and helps thrive your business, One by helping you make quality content and Second by making that content available in higher quality to other interested businesses.

Oculu’s video technology platform gives features to syndicate videos, ingestion of content, and a 360 distribution and hosting of your videos across all devices. Oculu is an open-source and private video playing site that does not get blocked gives higher ad revenues and allows you full control over your videos, visitors/ customers.

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