We all have favorites in our lives, talk about anything Food, Movie, clothes, etc. but have you ever noticed some subliminal favorites in our lives are those with which we feel comfortable. One of those work time favorites is a Web Browser that opens the door of convenience for you by giving you a faster browsing experience.

I hope we don’t need any long description about the history of Web browsers because half of the world is already using it and probably you are also using one to read this article. So we are way ahead of what web browsers are and why we use them. Web browsers make a huge difference in our working lifestyle the information we used to get by digging into fat books are now is just an appropriate keyword away and there you are! Opened to the vast universe of information. People prefer browsers that are faster in performance offer better security and are more flexible.

Let’s take a look at the list of Top Web Browsers in 2021.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an eternal favorite and tops our list. Chrome offers vast integrated functionalities in its browser yet it looks plain simple and much easier to use. There isn’t much to Chrome except a big URL bar, a place for all extensions, a bookmarking button, tabs that’s what you can see on this browser’s face yet it hides all the features inside smartly.


Mozilla Firefox is a choice for those wanting privacy while browsing yet enjoying all the extensions a browser has to offer. The version for android and iOS is much faster in browsing without any compromises. One of the highlighted privacy features of this browser is that it allows tracking protection and automatic ad blocking by default.


Safari is one of the popular web browsers, it comes in-built on Apple devices. Safari web browser is all-inclusive and provides many exclusive features for Apple device’s support and integration. Safari browser performance and features have been improved. 


Opera is quick, more protected, and way smarter because of its unexampled features. Opera browser has an in-built VPN, a faster adblocker feature providing you more grip on your web browsing experience. Its free VPN service is pretty useful when you want to open websites that are blocked by your Internet Service Provider.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser offers protected anonymity while browsing so you can protect yourself against tracking and inspection. Tor provides a set of security tool libraries to protect you on the internet. Tor browser has all the key features like every browser but its enhanced security features are ones that give it some extra points. It is one of the favorite web browsers among hackers.

UC Browser

UC Browser is one of the best web browser software for Android. It’s available for Windows OS.  The UC browser is equally appealing and attractive in look as other famous browsers we mostly use and are in the market. UC is one of the fastest browsers for common web browsing but one downside is that it offers no extensions like Google and Firefox which push users to jump into other alternatives.

Yandex Browser

Yandex is a widely used web browser there offers all the unique features in the Russian language and making it a favorite web browser all around Russia. Yandex holds the biggest media chunk of the market in Russia. These were the same features Google offered when it first introduced its browser in the market that gained a lot of attraction users.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the successor of Internet Explorer. It comes as the default browser in Windows.

Microsoft has never been a company that holds a fancy range of features they are happy with the basic features only. Edge is not in the race for being a topper of the best browser list it looks like it’s happy with doing the bare minimum.


Maxthon Browser is a web browser that offers a user-friendly interface and runs much faster. It can work with Microsoft Windows and offer fast browsing fast downloading making the increasing desktop optimization while working. You can easily open websites here which are blocked by other popular browsers here. It somehow speeds up the internet connection and opens the webpage faster for you.


Slim Browser offers fast speed and a huge number of strong features to increase your online experience and productivity. It’s so quick while you run it and open your desired webpage in nanoseconds fully loaded. SlimBrowser offers a variety of options so that you can go where around the web with the fastest speed possible and with no difficulty or distractions.