A booming business with a stunning website needs a swanky domain name, otherwise gibberish in the name of the domain name would be of no good for the business and for the customers too. To have this combo, you have to mull over things for a while and once you knock the idea you just have to register that name to use it online. That is why choosing a catchy and snappy domain name is utterly imperative for business.

To know what is a domain name, a dub domain, a URL, a subdirectory, and other questions visit this blog post.

In Pakistan, you will find tons of domain registration companies with a basket full of domain names fighting for your business but to choose the best from this crowd is a rough go. These domain registrars offer you domains with registration and other perks. After exhaustive research, we are able to tell you which list of domain registrars are the best in Pakistan for the year 2022, and What makes them stand out So, you can compare and find a suitable domain for you.


The majority of local businesses operating in Pakistan want to go for .pk domains for their websites, even the giant multinational companies launch themselves in Pakistan they use a wing of their website and assign it a .pk domain along with .com just to cater to the population of Pakistan.

Here the game is in the hands of a self-supporting organization PKNIC, which manages .pk domains namespace for the internet by the administration of the Shared registry system.

Their features include operation, management of the DNS for Root servers for .pk domains, and registrations for all the .pk domains in Pakistan. They were the ones that allowed internet addressing for the ccTLD .pk reserved for Pakistan. They aim to provide fair, honest, and incomparable systems for the management and administration of .pk domains all around Pakistan.

The price of a domain name is 2200 PKR per year if you register it with the PKNIC registrar.


GoDaddy has been in the market for several years now. They offer registration and hosting solutions and can prove to be a good luck charm for your website. They are the largest domain name registration company in the world and top the list of best domains in Pakistan too. GoDaddy pricing starts from super slow rates and they have a basket full of website services to bargain.

Statistics tell us that GoDaddy manages around 79 million domains so in terms of experience you can never doubt them. With their ability to handle even the most needling things with brilliant professionalism they have a great deal to offer in terms of pricing and features.

Their headline price is just $0.01 for .com registration which is the lowest possible bargain around the world, but our suggestion is to look for the renewal prices too and do not just get impressed by the headline prices—read what is written in the small font. GoDaddy can be a little mind-boggling with their cluttered layout and their extensive up-selling of their products and services.

Google Domains

Domains.google is best for no-frills domain purchases. It does not hide any prices and keeps it simple for purchasing domains. You can also go for WHOIS privacy protection features which are included in the price. They have a clean interface than an overwhelming one.

Google is already a big and reliable name that has mushroomed in the domain registration business too. Their surprise-free pricing is what makes them stand out in the clutter of other registrars. Then the choice is on you if you want to go for an email account you can set up your G suit account which will grant you a business email account. With this email account, you can also head for Goggle Docs and Google Calendars for free.

Domains.google will not upsell you on hosting and won’t push you to buy extra security packages. There are no awful and untold surprises when you get the renewal. Like if you paid $12 on your first registration, you’ll pay the same amount for the renewal. So if you are chasing for a domain without any extras or just want to save a domain name for your WIP website then Domains.google is surely a go for you.


Came into the market in the year 2000, Domain.com has carved its mark by the name of a company offering loads of benefits under a single umbrella. Owned by Endurance International Group Domain.com specializes in all levels of domain names, web and VPS hosting services, Email accounts, SSL certificates, web designing, and digital marketing solutions.

Their current hot in-town offer has WP hosting, shared and dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting plans. If you want to sign up with this firm you will be in the gold baskets enjoying all the fringes they have to offer.

Regardless of any domain name you choose, the package will come in at least one free extra domain name with unmetered disk space, fine eCommerce solutions, impressive marketing tools, and SSL certificate, what’s better than that?

Their impeccable customer support service is worth mentioning which includes 24/7 phone support with a well-described Frequently Asked Questions area. In terms of pricing, they are a bit upscaled after the registration fee, you are supposed to pay $9.99 for every TLD website and their WHOIS privacy protection costs an extra $8.99 per year for a single domain which sums up to $15 per year, for just a domain and privacy protection.


It is a giant hosting company in the world and was founded by one of the largest hosting conglomerates on the planet named (EIG). It is primarily a web hosting service provider, they offer shared and dedicated and reseller hosting services, WP hosting, VPS hosting. In addition to it, they are not setting their foot back in the domain name registration world.

Bluehost has always been a little cryptic about their company stats but rumors are that they had 52 million customers under the roof.

So if you are looking to make a website and do not want to rifle through options that you do not even know about, then you can freely go for Bluehost plans.

Their WP beginner plan is one that will cover all your web needs. In this perfect deal, you can have a free domain name for a year after 1 year they will charge a normal annual price which is the same as of other domain name providers in Pakistan, and a good discount on Webhosting with an SSL certificate. Basically, with Bluehost, you can get started for just $2.75 per month, and get a free domain name with all fringe benefits.


If you are new in the town of domains and want to have a pain-free domain registration experience then opt for Namecheap. It manages up to 10 million domains around the world. It aims to provide comparatively less expensive domains than other registrars. Their pricing model is simple and no hidden charges are hidden in the corners. You can have a suite of products with plenty of add-ons.

Their prices are competitive and their pricing for the second year does not hike up unreasonable instead they jump in affordable brackets. Unlike GoDaddy, Namecheap has an uncluttered and comprehensive layout that makes it easier to find what you want and feels easy and amiable to buy.

No upselling of additional products before checking out make the buying experience even better, with no unwanted pop-ups that force you to go click through tens of screens. In addition to a domain name, Namecheap perks your deal up by giving email accounts to website security hosting. Their 24/7 active customer support team is a cherry on top.

This domain provider in Pakistan also offers a free domain name for a year if you buy web hosting with them. The normal price of a .com domain here starts from $4.5 with a renewal price of $13.5 annually.


Name.com  is yet another star in the galaxy of all domain registrars, it has racked up above 3 million customers and now controls and manages two million of the 360 million domain names. Talking about their attractive features and pricing strategies, it brightly offers domain transfers, app integration services, a website developing wizard, email accounts, a bunch of web hosting benefits, and not to forget SSL certificates.

There are several attractive plans for their novice customers and for those too who have been long in the business and want to expand it, their startup hosting plan offers one website and the Name Builder supports twenty-five websites, but the most astounding package is the last one called Unbelievable package that holds and supports an unlimited number of websites.

Their Customer support service menu gives a based portal and website contact link form where you can submit an email ticket to get an immediate response to your problem. Other options include live chat support which is available from 10 AM to 5 PM MST every day in addition to this their phone support team is also active every Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM.

TLD of this domain provider costs $9.99 per year, while a .host site will bog you down as much as $109.99 a year. If you want to have a WHOIS privacy option then you can have it for $4.99/year but mind it this feature does not cover every domain name, so you have to clear things up a bit before paying.


Founded in 2002, HostGator is another famous company under the umbrella of the giant enterprise EIG. It offers a one-stop-shop for domain names and website hosting solutions to the website owners. They have pretty neat extension options, WHOIS domain privacy policy, user-friendly DNS management tools, a handy domain search tool that will quickly find you a perfect domain, and an easy-to-understand domain management section to help you easily transfer the domains.

In addition to domain registration and hosting services, they also came up with an innovative drag & drop website building wizard called The Gator. With all of Hostgator’s website builder plans, you can have free domain name registration for a year like other providers and hosts for your website. Currently, it manages up to 9 million domains.

They provide customer support services that are provided via live chat and email ticketing systems. Other sources for resolving customer issues are detailed forums or video tutorials. Their new user Hatching Cloud Plan offers one free domain, but if you go for The Baby Cloud and Business Cloud plans then you are liable to enjoy unlimited domains. Registration of a .com website domain will cost you $12 per year and same goes for all the TLD like in .co, .org, .net, .biz, and .info sites.

1 & 1

1&1 is a wide scaled company that covers the areas in Germany, Austria, the United States, Canada, Italy,  Great Britain, Spain, France, Poland, and Mexico with their products. They offer domain transfer, a website building wizard, an online store builder, web hosting solutions, WP hosting services, cloud, and VPS hosting. With the domain names, they provide SSL certificates too.

Their customer support is responsive and available through live chat, phone support, email ticketing system, and social media chats 24/7.

In terms of pricing, they have affordable prices, for top-level and country-code level domains. Their premium pricing for .biz domain is $14.99/year. You can enjoy free WHOIS privacy protection with all your domains.


Founded in NYC, Register.com is long been in the domain business. Their pricing is much reasonable than GoDaddy or Yahoo. Over 2.5 million domains are managed by Register.com. The company features domain transfers, website, and online shopping building wizards, hosting solutions and SSL certifications, email account services, and a set of handy digital marketing tools.

They offer customer support options via phone support and email ticketing system which are active throughout the week even on weekdays too but unfortunately, there is no live chat option for instant response. They offer (TLD) .com .net, .org, .biz, .info, (ccTLD) .us all for the same cost as $5/m.

Their domain registration rates are much cheaper and affordable as compared to the other domain providers. Their WHOIS pricy protection comes with additional charges of $11/year, so if you are going for a domain name plus privacy protection you will get this package for $16 per year.

How to Buy a Domain Name in Pakistan? Step by Step Instructions

First, you need to have a transaction account with any of the banks. You can open an account by filling out the application form that is sent to you after submitting your request at their branches. Bring all your personal identification documents which will be required for opening the accounts.

After filling up the application form and submitting it to the bank, you will be required to wait for about seven working days before your account is approved.

If you already have a transaction account with any of the banks mentioned above, you can skip this part and go down directly to part 3.

1. After your account is approved you will be required to visit any of their nearest branches with your Account Officer, who will hand over your Debit Card and Cheque Book. After that, you have to activate your debit card.

2. The next step is to check on the availability of your desired .com, .pk, .net, etc. names using any of the websites mentioned above, which will provide you with all information required for checking. If your desired name is available, proceed to part 3, if it’s not available maybe you can consider other related names.

3. You will need to pay your desired. com, .pk, .biz, or .net Name using any debit card or credit card. It can be Visa or MasterCard. But first, you need to call the respective bank head office for opening the internet session of your card.

4. After payment has been made, they will send you an email containing your domain tools administrator login details for you to set up your Nameserver.

5. To ensure that your desired domain name is up and running you need to set up nameservers for your domain. Nameservers are the systems that point a domain name on the internet to the correct IP address on the web where all of its’ web content is located.

6. To make your domain name accessible, you will need to create an A record in the hosting server with the nameservers that you created in step 5 above pointing to your WebHost. Your domain name should be automatically accessible within 24-48 hours after you have set up your nameservers.

If you need further assistance, kindly contact the respective Registrars.

Conclusion – Best Domain Registrars

We have not included every other domain registrar and reseller as there would be too many to list. We’ve done some research and found that each one offers nearly identical services with only slight variations in their customer support or checkout process to make things easier on users who might need help managing multiple accounts from different providers – like us (a power user).

While having a good domain name you must also register it with a good domain registration company.

In our opinion, For Pakistani businesses .pk domains are the best to go with and PKNIC is the best registrar for them in Pakistan.

If your targeted audience is outside Pakistan or all over the world and you want .com, .biz, or net, etc domains then Domain.com, Domians.Google, and GoDaddy are the perfect domain registrar for any size business, with their low prices and easy features you can’t go wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions about Domain Registration Providers in Pakistan

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about domain name registrars. We’ve helped answer over 70,000 user queries and have collected a lot of knowledge in doing so.

Does it matter which domain registration company I am using?

It’s important to choose a reliable domain registrar because not all of them offer the same features or have good customer service.
You’ll also want one that has stable networks so you can rely on their services without experiencing any downtime during emergencies like natural disasters when most other providers would be offline too.
This is why we recommend using PKNIC.net if you are looking to buy ccTLD for Pakistan and Domain.com, Bluehost, or GoDaddy for other TLDs because they all have a reliable infrastructure and security.
Also, we strongly recommend avoiding registrars who use deceptive business practices to lock users in from transferring domains away.

Can I buy a domain name permanently (forever)?

No, you cannot buy forever. Whether you want to own your domain name permanently or just for the next 10 years, paying an annual fee is required. Once paid in full and without interruption since it guarantees that no one will be able to take away this important asset of yours.

How much does a domain name cost to Pakistanis?

A typical cost of a new domain name is between $9 and 14.99 per year, but prices will vary depending on the type of extension you choose as well as which registrar sites are used for registration- whether they charge separately or not at all.
We recommend looking into other options if this price range doesn’t meet your needs; we discuss those in more detail below.

PKNIC PKR 2200 yearly

Google Domains $12/year

GoDaddy $0.01 first year and renews at $13-17/year

Domain.com $9.99/year

Who is the cheapest domain provider?

For ccTLD Pakistani domains, PKNIC is the only cheapest option.
When you’re looking for the most affordable domain registrar for other TLDs, there’s no better choice than Bluehost. They offer one of our favorite bonuses – a free domain with any new website hosting purchase.

Why domain renewal is expensive?

Domain registration providers often offer aggressive discounts on first-year domain registration fees, and the renewals happen at a regular price. This is why we recommend pre-paying for 2 – 3 years to lock in your savings.

Can I use multiple domain registrars?

Yes, if you want to register multiple domains. You can register each with a different service provider.
No, if you want a single domain. You can register a single domain with only 1 registrar. If you want your domain to be hosted by another service provider you can transfer it with that specific registration company. The transfer usually takes up to 7 days.

Who is the safest domain registrar?

With the help of a few easy steps, you can protect your domain from being stolen. All registrars must follow ICANN policies and have security measures in place too.
We recommend using Bluehost, Google Domain, or GoDaddy for their safety features such as two-factor authentication options on main accounts with heightened account protection levels enabled by default.