Nowadays the internet has become an indispensable part of our lives and In Pakistan, the internet is well mushroomed in every household office and even on the streets. With the advent of new technology the internet devices have shrunken in size and have become faster than we have ever imagined. With over 5 million users the demand for internet service providers is hiking day by day.

After this explosive boom in numbers and introduction of 3G and 4G technology there many well acclaimed and top fast-speed internet providers have emerged in Pakistan, each promising services faster and better than its competitors. They stage themselves advertising reliable and varied packages that everyone can buy according to their needs. But selecting which ISP to go for is quite laborious, so we have compiled a list of quality internet service providers having lightning internet speed, economical rates, and best customer care services bundled in under one name.


PTCL is a leading-edge internet service provider in Pakistan. PTCL maintains a considerable chunk of internet framework and undersea fiber optics in Pakistan. It provides remarkable internet services to the masses of Pakistan. PTCL offers broadband internet services having high speed and convenient packages. They provide Wi-Fi, wireless internet devices with packages, and smart TV options for PTCL users.

Their landline service is one and only that networks the whole country that’s why it is a semi-government company. Over the years they have improvised their technology and services and have embarked on the journey of the fastest internet service provider with efficient routers for household and official usage like PTCL Evo, 3G EVO Wingle, Charji EVO Cloud, EVO Carfi, PTCL Evo Nitro cloud. PTCL provides 20mbps, 30mbps, 50mbps, and 100mbps broadband internet bundles that customers can choose from and they range between the prices PKR 6k to 20k.

PTCL broadband is an economical choice for those who want a wide-ranged internet connection with fast speed and unlimited downloading. PTCL broadband covers the majority of the consumer market in Pakistan because of its reliability and feasibility. Their broadband packages offer flexibility in terms of price. For mobile broadband devices, PTCL has introduced Charji with a speed up to 36mbps and with unlimited bandwidth.


Transworld is a private ISP company that owns exclusive rights to the undersea fiber optics networks in Pakistan thus providing a seamless connectivity framework to the whole country. Being a Tier1 network operator Transworld delivers Internet bandwidth and connectivity to large mobile operators, corporate organizations, small ISPs, and a number of other small and medium enterprises in Pakistan.

Due to their immaculate services and internet bandwidth with complete hold of fiber optic network in Pakistan they are the reason for which Pakistan is so strongly connected to the global digital world.

With its wide footprints in connectivity and uninterrupted internet bandwidths, they have successfully synchronized to the global internet ecosystem having direct connectivity to the top and large content providers like Google, Facebook, Akamai, Netflix, Amazon, and several others which makes the customer experience a faster and far better than any other ISP.

Transworld currently offers 

  1. IP Transit: IP transit offers seamless communication channel that satisfies local connectivity needs most efficiently. This service promises fastest and high internet connectivity giving you guaranteed performance for content deliverance through secure ways giving no traffic interruptions and ensuring you services and connectivity like never before.
  2. International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC): Transworld IPLC service offers uninterrupted internet bandwidth for global communications.
  3. Global MPLS: Transworld offers MPLS technology that gives end-to-end connectivity to customers and easily connects all international websites to a single IP network.
  4. Data centre and Colocation: TWA provides 3 Tier infrastructures for its data centers with zero downtime.The data centre building is solely owned by TWA and it’s a hub for the entire local and international data traffic. Transworld data center offers 3 convenient packages that include Premium, Superior and Standard collocation to cater its customers more efficiently and effectively.

Storm Fiber

Strom Fibre is becoming the most trusted and reliable fiber-optic broadband service in Pakistan. Their broadband internet for households has fast uninterrupted connectivity and downloading limits. Right now the major cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, and Faisalabad are leveraging from its impeccable data connectivity services. Home-based broadband internet is offered through its CyberNet Subsidiary.

Strom Fiber is new in the broadband market of Pakistan but with its promising services, it has made a place in heart of all its customers. This company offers a wide range of feasible packages that every user can purchase staying within budget.

Their packages include broadband speeds of 10mbps for PKR 1,999, 20 Mbps for PKR 2,999, and 30mbps for PKR 3,999. Just like PTCL Strom Fiber also offers Telephone service and HD TV services with complementary undersea Fiber broadband packages


Wateen Telecom is a reputable communication and information service provider in Pakistan that efficiently covers connectivity demands for the corporate sector and individual users. Wateen is a far-reaching company that fulfills all communications needs of its customers by offering a wide array of Internet solutions, Multimedia, voice, and Enterprise Solutions.

It’s an Abu-Dhabi based company that aims to get Pakistan on the list of advanced digital countries around the world. They have Pakistan globally and digitally active.

Their services include Wfibre bundle packages for residential users, CIR Bandwidths for small businesses, cloud solutions, communication infrastructure, and enterprise telephony, and solutions to enterprises and for carriers and operators, they provide co-location services and dark fiber lease, MPLS and services and managed capacities.


Nayatel is also an emerging ISP providing its broadband services in the cities of Northern Punjab. This company is making its name in the race of best FTTH providers in Pakistan. They cater to thousands of customers with their impressive internet services.

The company is renowned for convenient and triple-play packages along with the best customer support service. Nayatel has a high demand in other areas of Pakistan too and customers would love to see their expanded services nationwide. These packages can limit the downloading limits during the peak hours giving download caps in these hours to the customers but while off-peak hours users can enjoy unlimited downloading and a speed up to 12mps which is the best part about Nayatel broadband packages.

With its Triple play package, Nayatel offers standard telephone services depending upon the customer’s choice of SD or HD television packages. The company gives a separate 10mbps channel with unlimited YouTube streaming.


Wi-Tribe is a prominent and renowned ISP in Pakistan. Wi-Tribe is not Pakistan based rather it is based in Qatar but serves Pakistani broadband customers. This ISP offers attractive packages and offers like free Wi-net TV for the first month of connection. The broadband packages offered by Wi-Tribe are affordable for all types of customers. 

Wi-Tribe packages are quite cheap as compared to the other ISPs and they lag behind in the matter of broadband speed. Their cheapest broadband package offers 3mps for PKR 1699 with quite normal speed and downloading speed that is suitable for households.

In high-speed data packages, Wi-Tribe is now offering LTE-A 4.5G and 3G fast speed packages. Wi-Tribe customers care service is best as they sort all your problems within a few minutes.

Fiber Link

Fiber Link offers internet broadband services in major cities of Pakistan like Lahore Karachi Hyderabad and Faisalabad. Fiber Link is an ISP offering speeds up to 200mbps to household users, which is one of the fastest broadband speeds in Pakistan.

This ISP offers packages ranging in 12mbps for 1500, 20 Mbps for PKR 2000, 40 Mbps for PKR 2500, 100 Mbps for PK 4000, 150mbps for PKR 4,500, and 200mbps for PKR 4,800. They aim to deliver fast-speed internet for household users and the best part about Fiber Link is that even for the 200mbps package they double the broadband speed at night (2 am-9 am). The customers who agree to pay in advance for a whole year will enjoy value-added discounts on their monthly bills.

World Call

World Call is the most reliable and unique telecom and multimedia service provider in Pakistan. It has been long in the market and used to provide its services all around the country but now they have limited their services to just Lahore and Karachi.

They cater to a wide range of broadband packages starting from 10mbps speed at affordable prices. They have a fiber-optic network for all the internet services making them seamless and better for home and corporate usage.

They offer wireless and cable broadband starting from1mbps for PKR 999 having an unlimited download limit and their best package offers 10mpbs for PKR 3500 along with free-of-cost cable TV. In entertainment services, they offer digital and cable TV with a video-on-demand interface that can be purchased additionally. World call also provides world-class LDI services that offer economical and effective data and voice solutions for national and international markets. 


Multinet is a pioneer in offering impeccable communication and info solutions to the large network of corporate in Pakistan. Multinet has a diversified portfolio that covers strong and reliable connectivity services on 12000+ km self-healing undersea optical fiber networks. These fibers cover more than 110 cities of Pakistan providing them internet solutions to corporately connect to the global world.

Multinet offers a wide array of efficient data services to its valued customers that include communication services like nationwide networking, international POPs, and terrestrial extensions into the neighboring countries. For Data solutions, Multinet provides local and international data solutions with single and multi-site, broadband connectivity and IP transit solutions, backhauling solutions, data center services, cloud computing and corporate level audio and video call conferencing solutions, and virtualization services.