Through the lenses of the 21st century, we are amidst a flood of information, updating every nanosecond making our lives a form of a wave that acts according to it. Human behavior is shaped by the information they encounter and the Internet plays a crucial role in it. Information has gained the status of omnipresence and the hero of today’s play of information is no one but SEARCH ENGINES.

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Today there are many giant corporations who have introduced search engines and some engines out of those are leading the consumer market by a higher percentage. Depending upon their market shares, we have listed down top search engines around the world in 2021.


Google is the world’s most popular and extensively used search engine. According to the stat counter, Google owns 91.47% of the market share.

Google holds first place among our list of top search engines. This search engine has taken over the biggest chunk of market share in all the countries. It is the most trust search engine by its users.

The savvy team of Google search engine has come up with the most refined algorithms to give precise results according to the input queries. Google is constantly growing, advancing, and looking to perk up its algorithm to maintain its top position.


Bing ranks the second most popular search engine running around the world with a market share of 3.14%. Bing was introduced by Microsoft, they brought out Bing in the competition to Google, regardless of their tough efforts they could not convince the users to switch their search engines as an alternative to Google.

Google kept its top position. Bing being a product of Microsoft and windows being the most used OS, it comes as a default search engine of windows but still, people prefer to use Google pairing it with Windows OS.


Yahoo web search engine holds third place in our list with an average 1.5% market share. (net market share)

Yahoo is a search engine that works with dual search engines to provide its search-related services, but now the search services are provided exclusively by Bing. Yahoo is also the default search engine for Firefox.


Baidu is the most famous and recognized search engine in China. With a global market share of 1.76%.

Baidu serves tons of web queries per month around the world but mostly in China has the largest population. This is the reason this search engine is only available in the Chinese language.


Ask is a search engine that receives approximately 0.56% of the market share.

ASK is a user-based poll that caters to queries in the form of question/answer format which is also then responded to by the users. It can be categorized as a general search engine, but still, the search results it offers are not that refined and sophisticated a Google, Yahoo, or Bing.


Yandex is a free web browser developed by Russian multinational cooperation and the fifth largest search engine around the world. It provides 70 services in total and has built as a competition to Google,, and Rambler.

According to net market share, Yandex is the topmost and biggest search engine in Russia with a market share of 0.92%.


DuckDuckGo holds 0.66% of the market share around the world. This search engine is also powered by other search engines for its search services but its search results are not as advanced and enhanced as the others mentioned above.

DuckDuck Go has a simple user interface, it does not track its users’ search patterns and is not at all crowded with ads.


AOL has kept its market share up to 0.05%. AOL is basically a web portal and an online service provider.

AOL has a network of popular websites and now it has been acquired by Verizon Media.


Naver is also referred to as Google of South Korea. Naver presently has 0.17% of the market share.

Naver is now the most lucrative company in South Korea and a profitable tech monster with heaps of profits numbering in billions.


WolframAlpha is quite unlike other search engines. WolframAlpha is a Computational Knowledge Engine that can give you facts and data for a number of topics and can do calculations depending on your inputs.