Links are important, but they’re not the only factor in off-page search engine optimization, but it is the whole process of gaining benefit in search engine ranking by obtaining backlinks from other websites.

The two main ways to obtain links are through on-site optimization and off-site optimization. Off-site optimization is a lot more involved and requires a much bigger time commitment, but the benefits can be huge if done properly.

What is a link?

A link is like a vote. When one website (blog or forum) points to your site and says “This is great,” that’s a vote in favor of your site. Similar to a newspaper mentioning a company in an article, the fact that they mention the site is picked up by search engines. Then, if someone is searching for related keywords, your website will come up under related searches.

What is off-page SEO?

Promoting your web pages by using other peoples’ websites and social media is called “off-page” or “off-site” SEO.

This type of optimization is all about backlinks. While link building can often be time-consuming and tedious work it is one of the most important tasks in an effective SEO campaign. One of the main reasons being…

The higher your ranking for a particular keyword, the more clicks you will get.

This is because when someone does a search in Google for a specific word or phrase, the results given are ranked in order of importance based on how many votes each site has received from other sites linking to it. A link counts as a vote. So the higher your site in the ranking, the more valuable your site becomes and the higher the chance of someone clicking on it.

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What are off-page SEO ranking factors?

Off-page SEO is the collective activity that is carried out by a website to improve its search engine rankings. The foundational off-page factors include link building, social media signals, and high-quality content production.

Ranking factors for off-page SEO include the following:

1) Number of linking domains “The more links to your website, the better.” This is because Google treats backlinks differently than other types. To rank higher in their SERPs you need an anchor text with good quality and relevance which helps a lot too!

2) Quality or relevancy – The best thing about these is that they can help determine what kind of content will work well by looking at sites that link you as well as those not linked yet but have high rankings.

3) Recency – recentness refers to the date added onto each domain name so if there’s been growth since last year then chances are this could affect Pagerank.

Why off-page SEO is important?

To rank your website as higher as possible in search engines like Google, you must include off-site SEO techniques. Off-site SEO refers to the promotion of a website or webpage otherwise than on its own web pages.

  • Rank Higher
  • Become Authoritative
  • Generate more website traffic
  • More traffic=More leads
  • More leads=More Sales

How to start getting backlinks?

This step describes how to promote your articles throughout the internet so that it will bring more traffic to the articles you have published.

After publishing an article, it would be good if you share it on different social media’s But not only sharing an article can help boost its traffic, in fact, there are many ways by which one can improve their search engine rankings.

The benefits of off-page optimization are obvious but I will mention them again just to emphasize their importance! The higher your site in the organic search results, the more clicks you will get. This is because people naturally click on links that appear at the top of a list when they search for something in Google or any other search engine.

So with that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the most effective ways you can start building links to your site right now.

Get Backlinks from your own wesbite

The easiest way to rank higher in search engines is by building links from your website’s pages and blog posts. With all of the new moving pieces, this seems more challenging than ever!

Start from your own website, build links from pages and blog posts to the home page and other relevant pages using proper anchor text.

Get Backlinks from Top Websites

Top websites mean website which is already ranking for keywords related to my niche. Here, you have to find out what type of posts are doing well on these websites, they accept guest posts so write guest posts with links to your website.

Getting links from top websites is the best way to show your website or page rank on search engines. Getting backlinks for your site is one of the most important factors in getting more visitors to your site, this will also help you to improve your site ranking.

Step by Step Guide to Get Quality Backlinks

Search engine rankings are decided by factors like which sites are linking up, how many links it has pointing at it, and where those links are coming from that websites. If you have any kind of business online then having a great number of quality backlinks can increase traffic to your site thus improving chances for better rankings and ultimately more profit.

Search engines look at many different factors when ranking your site, but one of the biggest factors is the link popularity of pages on your own website.

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to find the best websites from where to get backlinks for your web pages and how to get them quickly. Here are a few steps that will help you in getting all of those sites.

Find a Topic That is Subject to Change

One of the most effective ways to increase traffic and sales is through search engine optimization, but ranking your website high enough on Google requires a lot of work. Make sure that the topic you choose to make money with has steady demand or can be related somehow to the latest news or current events. In other words, make use of trending topics as they usually hold more traffic which means better traffics means more revenue from the Adsense network, affiliate programs, and so on.

Create Web 2.0 Sites

Web 2.0 sites are very powerful when it comes to increasing traffic and building links cuz they are fresh content-rich pages that are indexed quickly in search engines. By creating multiple web2.0 websites, you can get many backlinks to your site, and fast.

Outreach to Bloggers

Bloggers are one of the best ways you can use to create backlinks for your website. They are very powerful because they have a large number of loyal readers who will visit their blog on regular basis, this means more traffic on your website. To get these links, the first thing you do is contact some popular blogger related to your niche and invite them to write a post related to the topic you think readers would want to read about.

University Papers

If you have a little bit of knowledge in any field then start doing research work from reputed universities or go there yourself as a student and claim that you were doing researches for a study purpose only! In this way, take advantage of the access to their journals and published papers and get a link from them. You can also look for popular blogs on that topic or the same field as they always have backlinks from these sites.

Solve People’s Problems

Let me ask you, what do people hate most? Problems! This is why you can use it to your advantage when creating backlinks for your site. In the beginning, create a few web pages which will have free reports or eBooks solving some of the most common/unusual problems faced by many people related to your niche.

Then contact those bloggers who already have a decent number of followers on their blog and give them these special offers so that they write about it first on their blog and then link back to your site.

Write About Product Reviews

You can always write some great content about new products before they hit the market. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing about it or not, what matters is that if people want to read about it they will visit your website in large numbers, and in return for it; you will get many backlinks from them!

Guest Blogging

Another way of increasing your website traffic and getting quality backlinks is through using guest articles. You might not know it but many bloggers need good articles that they can publish on their blog as a part of their content strategy, however many of them don’t have time to write those articles themselves so what they do is hire other people to do this for them. This means you will be the one who gets paid for writing an article that will be published on someone else’s site!

You just need to find some blogs in your niche and contact their owners asking them if they want to publish your guest post –- all you need to provide is high-quality content related to their topic/niche followed by a link pointing back to you.

What are the ways to promote your articles/blog posts for free?

There are 100’s of ways to increase traffic through off-site SEO techniques but here I am going to list some most effective ways by following which you can easily get a tremendous amount of traffics.

Free Link Building Methods:

Here are free link-building methods you can use for off-page optimization. Please note, I do not recommend submitting your website to Black Hat Directories.

1) Social Media Backlinks

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  Link building campaigns can be run on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc to gain quality and relevant backlinks to your site which will eventually boost up your page rank in the search engines results pages (SERPs).

How will this help?

This helps a lot when it comes to good numbers of shares and likes from people’s side which also brings backlinks. And most importantly, if next day if someone else follows up on your work and writes an article about the same topic but with a different approach then it will help you improve your rankings on SERPs.

2) Press Release

You can write a press release and submit it for publication on popular press release directories like PRleap or Prlog. Just pick a trending topic related to your niche and write a compelling article around it with at least 700+ words length and submit it on these sites.

3) Video Submission

There are various sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc where you can submit your website links. These links will be further distributed on social media websites which will eventually help in ranking up the website on the SERPs.  

YouTube is one of the best sites for getting backlinks as this platform helps to share content with millions of people across the world with ease and convenience.  Also, there is no size restriction for uploading videos on YouTube therefore it becomes easier for webmasters to upload quality videos only instead of limiting them by dimensions i.e. 480 pixels or 640 pixels or 320 pixels, etc…

Also, you need to write a compelling description along with your video so that viewers can leave their links or feedback for your site.

4) Social Bookmarking

There are various social bookmarking websites that can be used to submit your website links so that they appear in front of a targeted audience easily. Just check out some popular ones like Reddit, Digg, Delicious, etc…

Make sure that you create an account first before submitting any link there. This will take time but trust me, all the hard work will start paying off from this point itself.  You can also check out various social bookmarking websites list.

5) Forum Submission

There are thousands of online forums which you can join and submit your website link to gain backlinks from them. You can access some popular ones like WebmasterWorld, WarriorForum, etc…

Just make sure that the site is related to your niche before submitting any link there.

6) Blog Commenting

This is another great way of getting backlinks simply because most of the blogs out there need comments for generating a good amount of traffic on their website. By visiting popular blogs related to your niche, find some quality posts where readers left their valuable comments and leave one comment with a link pointing to your site; this act alone can generate high traffic back to your site.

7) Article Submission

There are various article submission websites where you can submit your article and gain relevant backlinks from them. Just find some popular ones like EzineArticles, GoArticles, Article Dashboard, etc… You can also submit guest posts on other blogs; make sure that the site is related to your niche and it has a good page rank.  

8) PDF Sharing

Just find some popular ones like Scribd, DocStoc, and Slideshare and submit your backlinks there along with a relevant description. You can also upload case studies white papers or any document that you have written.

9) Submit Articles on Directories

When you submit an article to directories, it will get indexed by search engines because of its link juice value due to the no-follow attribute ( which is not passed along the link). So that’s why it’ll be helpful for a new or a fresh post with no backlinks.

What is the reward?

Gaining high domain authority (DA) links is an effective way to increase trust flow value (TFV). TFV is a metric that Google launched in 2010 as part of its Panda algorithm update. It helps determine how much value a site adds to the Internet by highlighting high-quality content, showing off trustworthy sites, and eliminating low-quality pages from the SERPs. Google does not show it anywhere in the metrics but it must be in the over 200 ranking factors.

In general, having more DA links pointing back to your website can positively influence your ranking. In fact, it’s been determined that whenever one page of a website goes viral -– gaining lots of backlinks –- this puts a positive impact on all the other pages of the same website with DA connections. When you have multiple pages ranking on top spots for various keyword queries or phrases related to your niche, this is called link diversity which is highly beneficial for SEO.

Moreover, most of the trust signals Google uses are based on links and links help to pass along ranking benefits to each other. So, if you want to improve your search rankings across the board then it’s important that you build high-quality backlinks from trusted sources. Keep in mind that when you are asking others to help out with link-building services, make sure they are offering some value-added service instead of just exchanging links.

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